Robert Puckett, Ladder Co. 103


By Nick Graziano

On December 30, 2018 in the early afternoon, Engine Co. 290 and Ladder Co. 103 were assigned to a phone alarm for a fire at 619 Warwick Street in East New York, Brooklyn. As the companies were approaching the address they noticed a haze in the street, which turned out to be a fire in a two story flat roof private dwelling. FF Robert Puckett who had the irons for the tour heard civilians on the sidewalk stating that they thought someone was trapped inside the house. As FF Puckett entered the house through the unlocked front door he could see fire on the stairs leading to the second floor and extending up to that floor. With the thought in mind that someone was trapped upstairs the inside team of Ladder Co. 103 led by Capt. Daniel Florenco along with FF Puckett, and FF Peter Romeo on the can made the decision to go past and through the fire to reach the second floor to conduct a search. At that time Engine Co. 290 was stretching the hoseline and it was not yet in operation. Upon reaching the second floor, FF Puckett went to the right and found that the door to the apartment, which was on the left side of the hallway, was open. In a high heat and zero visibility condition FF Puckett began his primary search starting in the front bedroom and then into the living room. As he was moving from the living room into the back bedroom he found an unconscious woman laying on the floor. FF Puckett transmitted the 10-45 and began to remove the victim. Upon hearing the transmission Capt. Florenco came to assist.  FF Puckett and Capt. Florenco removed the woman together and turned over patient care to Engine Co. 332.  She ultimately lived after a long hospital stay. After removing the victim FF Puckett returned to the fire apartment to continue his search and eventually overhaul after the fire was extinguished by Engine Co. 290.

For his actions which saved the life of a woman who was trapped by fire, heat, and heavy smoke, FF Robert Puckett of Ladder Co. 103 is being honored tonight at the at the New York’s Bravest Awards Dinner.