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It All Began in 1992 . . 

It is clear that George R. Scocca III’s vision and dedication as the founding Chairman have significantly impacted the lives of many firefighters and their families. His hard work and commitment to honoring and supporting the FDNY have earned him recognition and respect within the firefighting community.

The many accomplishments our organization has achieved over the years are a testament to the unwavering support from sponsors and the continued efforts of individuals like George R. Scocca III. By honoring hundreds of FDNY members, you have given them the recognition they deserve and have shown appreciation for their sacrifices and contributions to public safety.

“It is truly gratifying to know that our organization has made a lasting difference in the lives of these brave firefighters and their families. As we continue to honor and support the FDNY, you strengthen the firefighting community and inspire others to appreciate and recognize the invaluable work these heroes do every day.”

George R. Scocca III’s commitment and dedication to supporting the firefighting community are truly remarkable. His promotion to the rank of Honorary Battalion Chief by FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro and receiving the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Friends of Firefighters are well-deserved recognitions of his ongoing efforts.

As the Chairman of the New York Bravest Foundation, Inc, George has demonstrated his passion for helping firefighters in need. His personal experience as a cancer survivor has provided him with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by many firefighters, who often encounter higher risks of developing cancer due to their line of work.

By using his experience and knowledge to raise awareness and support for firefighters affected by cancer and other hardships, George R. Scocca III has made a significant difference in the lives of numerous individuals and their families. His continued dedication to supporting the FDNY and related organizations is an inspiration to others and helps foster a greater appreciation for the sacrifices and bravery of our nation’s firefighters.

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