The morning of March 24, 2015 was starting out to be another typical day in the Elmhurst home of Engine 287 and Ladder 136. Roll call at 0900 and few runs before lunch. The day would turn out to be anything but routine. With both companies in quarters, E287 was dispatched at 12:30 on EMS Box 9293 for the address 90-16 53rd Avenue. Lieutenant John Haseney transmitted an urgent over the department radio for a 10-75 for fire from the second floor of a 3-story, class 4 peaked-roof private dwelling. Lieutenant Haseney ordered Firefighter Mike Savino to obtain a positive water source and for the rest of the members to stretch a 1 ¾ handline to the second floor. With the members of E287 stretching a handline, Lieutenant Haseney approached the front of the building where he was met by Patricia Fiallos, who was leaning against a wall on the property. Mrs. Fiallos had black soot on her face and it was obvious she had self-evacuated from the fire building. Lieutenant Haseney asked Mrs. Fiallos if there was anyone else in the building to which she replied no. Haseney then entered the fire building and heavy smoke could be seen at the second floor landing emanating from the second floor apartment. At this point Lieutenant Haseney was forced to don his SCBA. In an attempt to isolate the fire from the staircase and the rest of the house, Lieutenant Haseney raced up the stairs in order to close the door and wait for his nozzle team. Upon reaching the second floor, Lieutenant Haseney heard a faint cough inside the fire apartment. Confronted with a known life hazard, without a ladder company and without the protection of a handline, Lieutenant Haseney entered the fire apartment. The conditions were deteriorating rapidly and visibility was none. Haseney entered and began a right-handed search. His search was hampered by tremendous clutter which was throughout the apartment.
As he approached the living room, fire could be seen emanating into the dining room without any possibility of isolating it. Lieutenant Haseney could also hear the coughing and gasping from Mrs. Delia Fiallos. He knew she was beyond the fire and time was of the essence. Lieutenant Haseney crawled past the fire in the dining room and found a semi-conscience Mrs. Fiallos. Haseney transmitted a 10-45 and began dragging Mrs. Fiallos 15 feet back to the stairwell. Lieutenant Haseney was met by Firefighter Richard Torres and Firefighter Eric Schuh of E287 and they brought the victim down the stairs and to the street into the arms of awaiting EMS. Lieutenant Haseney now with his nozzle team, supervised the extinguishment of the fire. Both victims from the second floor apartment suffered severe smoke inhalation. Mrs. Delia Fiallos would certainly not have survived if not for the heroic efforts of Lieutenant John Haseney.